Voodoo Racing Complete Engine Assembly

Ready to make the leap to some serious horsepower with some serious reliability? Look no further than a VRI custom racing or street engine. With well over a decade in R&D, and professional assembly experience, VRI engines are the pinnacle of proven performance on and off the strip.

maxine eng

Voodoo Racing can develop, facilitate, and assemble virtually any platform to meet your needs. We also have extensive platform knowledge with Modular, LS, Hemi, Proline, and many more, even imports! Contact us anytime to inquire about your goals. Our engines can be custom designed for street and/or strip use, even with very high power levels (supporting modifications required). From intake to oil pan, and assembly to install, Voodoo Racing can make your goals a reality.

Check out Mad Maxine below, this complete VRI built machine uses a 5.8 based Ford Modular engine custom spec'd entirely by Voodoo Racing. Fully assembled in-house, tuned, and serviced by us, as well as the transmission, and the rest of the driveline. This vehicle layed down over 1600WHP through a glide (over 2000HP at the crank) running deep into the 7 second 1/4 mile territory at almost 200MPH! Not only that, but it needs very little service, and has incredible reliability and consistency.