Voodoo Tuning Services

Providing The Best Performance For Your Machine

Fuel Types

We can tune virtually any fuel type, wether you're on pump gas, ethanol, race fuel and even alcohol and dual fuel systems, we can help make the most power out of your setup. Do note that mapping your vehicle to a spesified fuel type will require the use of that fuel type from that point on. If you have questions about fuel types and related equipment, please send us an email or give us a call.

OEM or Stand Alone

We are well versed in many ECU types and can work with many OEM units, Ford, GM, Mopar and more! In some cases SCT hand-helds are NOT required to tune your vehicle, depending on the year and ECU. We also frequently use aftermarket Stand Alone units such as Pro EFI, Holley EFI, and BS3. In some cases tuning can be done with, or without the use of a dyno.

Optimum Power and Torque

For many years Voodoo Racing has been the leader in horsepower and torque, while providing a smooth powerband that's safe and reliable. Check out our gains from benchmark on our Facebook Page as we post them perodically.


Poor software calibration can keep any vehicle from passing SMOG. We can help calibrate your vehicle to pass SMOG, clear potential engine codes, and optimize your vehicle for local regulations. Do note: vehicles must be mechanically in good order and retain SMOG compliant components in order to pass inspections. Vehicles in need of repair for SMOG compliance MUST have the work completed prior to testing. We can help repair or install SMOG compliant equipment if your vehicle is in need.